AdvantEdgeTM is more than just debt collection software "”it"s the most fully functional and technologically advanced software solution of its kind, delivering unprecedented access to your data and the ability to manipulate it to the specific needs of your business and your clients. No other software even approaches the flexibility offered by AdvantEdgeTM.

Recovery Management

For creditors and debt buyers who use 3rd parties to collect debt on their behalf, AdvantEdgeTM is the right debt software for you. Manage defaulted debt by allowing agencies to exchange information, manage activity & automate data collection.

Loan Servicing

Often times your core servicing system does not have a very compliant or robust collections module.  AdvantEdgeTM can seamlessly interface with your core system at any point.  Also, we have a powerful suite of lending solutions, including our legacy loan servicing products & rich add-on modules. You can custom build the most powerful & personalized loan servicing software solution for your business.

Debt Collection

A time proven debt collection software system that is adaptable for any industry. It is very user-friendly with most functions not requiring IT help.  AdvantEdgeTM is ultra fast saving valuable time and leading to more calls per hour.  It will increase your recoveries, decrease your costs and bolster your bottom line.

ADS Core Values

Customer Focus

We always strive to meet and exceed our customers" expectations. We listen to and develop products and solutions based on the expressed needs of our customers.


We have a commitment to excellence by providing quality software products, solutions and ongoing support for our clients.



We are able to respond quickly to our customer needs. We invest in our people and make sure that we have a knowledgeable and talented staff to resolve any issues quickly.


Honesty and doing the right thing in all that we do.

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