AdvantEdgeTM Key Features

Status Manager

Status Manager places the power to query accounts and make changes En masse, or on one single account, in the administrator"s hands.

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The Toolbox used with AdvantEdgeTM adds many applications to increase efficiency and make the user more productive.

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Email from within the main application w/ customer approval.


The Reporting used with AdvantEdgeTM includes many reports that can be utilized in many different functional areas.

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SQL Server Reporting Services

Easily create ad-hoc client reports.


EDI capability for file transfer/mgmt (i.e. RMS,, FTP, etc).

User Friendly

Majority of functionality requires no IT help.

Other Features

On-line skip trace library, check writer, check-by-phone, import/export wizard for account forwarding/recalling, portfolio sale, bookkeeping, ADSPortal etc.