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New Integration!


By Dustin Colvin - July 24, 2020

We are excited to announce that Accelerated Data Systems has fully integrated IntelliPay payment processing into our AdvantEdge™ collection platform!

IntelliPay is one of the most innovative payment processors in the world. Their secure payment portals create added marketing for your company, by putting your brand front and center on their platforms. When your customer or debtor goes to check or make payments, they’ll see your company logo.

You can now use the ingenious IntelliPay products within AdvantEdge. We at ADS are constantly integrating with data processors of all types, and we focus on forward-thinking companies. IntelliPay, like ADS, is in the cloud!

We have a dozens of 3rd party vendors already integrated, and we are thrilled to add IntelliPay to the list!


The Cloud!

AdvantEdge is now on the Azure Cloud Platform

By Dustin Colvin - May 1, 2020

Accelerated Data Systems Inc. is proud to announce we have successfully migrated all our AdvantEdge™ customers to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure is the most advanced and secure cloud platform in the world.

The current pandemic has affected millions of people across the world. Our hearts go out to all who have felt this impact. It has also caused many issues for businesses around the world. One of the key issues is setting up employees to be able to work from home. Stay at home orders keep people from spreading the virus and can save lives. However, many companies are having trouble keeping their at home employees connected, so they can continue their work. Azure is the answer. The cloud allows you to keep your data base and work tasks easily available, from anywhere in the word. With the Azure Cloud, work goes on.

The idea of a ‘cloud’ goes back further than most people realize. The cloud symbol was used in the 70s and 80s to represent networks of computing equipment and predated the internet itself. This method of ‘sharing’ computing power within a network was used internally by many companies through the 80s and 90s, including IBM, ATT, Apple, Microsoft and an Apple spin off. General Magic was founded by Apple legend Andy Hertzfeld and is credited with the first use of the Cloud metaphor while promoting their product, Telescript.

“The beauty of Telescript is that now, instead of just having a device to program, we now have the entire Cloud out there, where a single program can go and travel to many different sources of information and create a sort of virtual service.” 
               -Andy Hertzfeld, 1994

The first official reference to cloud computing showed up in an internal document at Compaq in 1996. However, the Cloud didn’t become mainstream until Amazon released its Elastic Compute Cloud platform in 2006. Google followed shortly after with it’s Google App Engine, in 2008. Azure was announced in October 2008 under the code name “Project Red Dog”. Microsoft Azure was released in February of 2010, originally named Windows Azure. Since then, Azure has become the top choice for cloud services among businesses worldwide, with $50,000,000,000 in annual revenue.

Like ADS’s AdvantEdge™ software, cloud platforms have been in constant development for over 20 years. Cloud platforms will soon become the standard for all commercial and consumer computing. At ADS, we prefer to be ahead of the curve. Our team of engineers and programmers constantly research the latest and greatest in the industry, keeping ADS on the progressive Edge. The world of computing never stops advancing, and neither do we.

Keep your employees connected from home with AdvantEdge™.


Goals for the New Year

What will you accomplish in 2019?

By Travis Pasch - December 31, 2018

“Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.”

                               ― Lord Alfred Tennyson, In Memoriam

With the New Year just around the corner a sense of opportunity hangs in everyone’s’ mind. Something about starting fresh always fills us with a sense of wonderment. The unsoiled picture of the future rests on a pedestal, sometimes seeming too high to grasp. Why not this year though? Why not obtain the success you dream about every year? 2019 might as well be the year you move forward.

Have you even had a chance to think about the New Year, or has a hectic end to a long year taken up all of your time? If you haven’t, why not take a minute now to think about the future, what could you do in 2019 to really drive the success of your business to new heights? With constant improvements in the technology and an increasingly tight job market maybe automating processes to alleviate the work load is the route you want to take. That way your employees’ skills can be put towards better use. Maybe you feel like 2019 is the year to make a full change to your processes and technology, the year to go out on the limb and really move your company upwards.

Sometimes we use the New Year as an excuse to push our commitments a little further down the line. How many times have you heard, call me back in January, I’ll have more time then. The real question becomes how many of those commitments can you follow up on, or, if you’re the one asking to push things back, how many will you decide are worth your time for 2019. What of those goals are you going to pursue with vigor next year?

Setting goals is one of my favorite parts of the end of year celebrations; it’s a physical manifestation of your hopes for the coming year. Hope for a better tomorrow is the foundation that America was built on, and looking to a new year with high expectations is a beautiful thing.

Here at ADS our goals are big for 2019, not only are we shooting for a record year in terms of growth for ourselves, we are looking to facilitate increased profits, margins, and volume for all of our clients as well. In terms of new partnerships, we want to help as many companies as possible with our cutting edge technology, to not only make them more money but also make their day to day work life a little easier. Beyond obvious success of increased growth in sales we want to innovate and incorporate new ideas into our system. We want to develop new applications and create helpful integrations that benefit everyone involved. Above all else, we want to help the industry grow and prosper in the coming year.
What are your goals for growth in 2019? If you feel like ADS could help you achieve those goals, or if you just want to talk about the possibility, let us know how we can help you moving into the New Year.

Data Security Update

Transport Layer Security 1.2

By Gerald Letofsky - December 5, 2018

Hello ADS Clients,

We have been working on upgrading our network to become TLS 1.2 compliant.  During this process, we will be updating the Toolbox Application to be compliant in the TLS 1.2 environment.  We will be upgrading the Toolbox to .NET Framework 4.6.2 on Dec 21, 2018.   When completed, our clients who utilize our Toolbox will also need to perform an update on their end to ensure that they can still use it.  To avoid disruptions in Toolbox functionality, please make sure to have .NET on all your computers running Toolbox upgraded to version 4.6.2 or greater by Dec 21, 2018.  If the .NET is not upgraded by the 21st, the functionality of the Toolbox will stop until it is completed. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to call or write.


Gerald Letofsky | Vice President | Accelerated Data Systems, Inc.
5295 DTC Parkway | Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111
Phone: (303) 706-1101 Ext: 1106 | Email:

Entering the Fourth Quarter

Growth and the holiday season

By Travis Pasch Edited by Daniel Reinig - October 15, 2018

Entering the Fourth Quarter

Are you going into the end of the year satisfied with your 2018 results? Has the year just flown by? Or has the year been one rough patch after the other? No matter the answer, we can’t afford to let the last remnants of 2018 fall into unproductivity.
With the cold weather setting in (at least in Denver it is…) and the days getting shorter, it feels like the end of the year is racing towards us. Who knows what 2019 will hold, but before we get to ahead of ourselves, let’s look back at the first three quarters of the year.
2018 Growth

The idea of growth is sometimes hard to measure. Sometimes adding a single team member who will be with you for years, finding that one new partner, or finding a new client can turn a mediocre year into one of the best. Putting processes into place that increase efficiencies and decrease cost increase the potential and success of growth within an organization. If you spent 2018 insuring processes were improved, 2019 should be a breeze. 
2018 has been a year of growth, a year of change, and a year of innovation at ADS… and it’s only the beginning. For me personally, 2018 brought many changes; a new city, new house, plenty of sightseeing and hiking, and my first year at ADS. Looking back, I would like to say I’m happy with how everything went, but when examining the past, mistakes seem clear as day. The idea of a perfect year seems a farfetched notion, but maybe we can achieve a single perfect quarter. For those of us where things haven’t been going smoothly, we need to look at our processes and, instead of waiting for the New Year, we need to prioritize the issues here and now. Procrastination has hardly ever helped before, so I doubt waiting for 2019 to fix your software problems will help either. With the holidays approaching, we should be celebrating and not allowing old problems to continue holding us back.

The Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas following right on its heels, all the talk is aimed at joy and fun. But often, a time for joy at home can be a stressful time at work. With budgets being either finalized for the next year, or the excess budget from the current year being spent, more pressure than usual is mounted on the shoulders of the organizations decision makers. However, we can’t look at this as a burden. This is the time of year when we can make a mark on our professional lives and really separate ourselves from the competition. When is the last time you broke down the effectiveness of your team and the profitability of your processes and business rules? ADS takes pride in the effectiveness and ability of our system to help your team be as successful as possible.
Here at ADS, we would love to be part of your holiday season and send you into 2019 with all the tools and processes in place to make you not only more profitable and more successful, but also to give you more time next year to spend with your family!