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ADS New Year's Resolution

By Dustin Colvin - January 8, 2021

2021 is here! And ADS has a New Year's resolutions. To bring the world of Collections a software platform that will make your company more efficient, more advanced, and more profitable.

We will be integrating with new innovative data service providers including payment processors, AI scoring, gamification, skip tracing, and more. A new version of AdvantEdge will be launched, and a revamped web portal will give your clients, collectors, managers, and debtor the information they need at their fingertips.

Paper is the past. New text and email capabilities on AdvantEdge will save you money and time. Response rates are magnitudes higher when texting.

Take your company into 2021 with a software that has ability to implement your proven strategies and gives you new tools to adapt to the times. AdvantEdge is tool your business needs.
Happy New Year from the entire ADS team!

ADS is going to Vegas!

NCUCA Conference

By Dustin Colvin - September 25, 2020

ADS is going to Vegas!
Accelerated Data Systems is proud to announce that we will be attending the upcoming NCUCA conference! We are an official Exhibiting Vendor and will have a booth at the conference to demonstrate our product, AdvantEdgeâ„¢, to you in person. Vegas Baby!

The National Credit Union Collections Alliance hosts an annual conference. This is their 6th and will be held at the luxurious and world-famous Bellagio Las Vegas, October 28-30th.

We have been in contact with the President of the NCUCA, and he is confident the conference will be held in person and will not be postponed due to COVID-19. Significant precautions and health safety measures have been taken by the State of Nevada, the City of Las Vegas, the Bellagio, and the NCUCA conference team to ensure the safest environment possible.

You know you could use a work vacation in Vegas about now. Come join us at the Bellagio!

New Integration!


By Dustin Colvin - July 24, 2020

New Integration!
We are excited to announce that Accelerated Data Systems has fully integrated IntelliPay payment processing into our AdvantEdge collection platform!

IntelliPay is one of the most innovative payment processors in the world. Their secure payment portals create added marketing for your company, by putting your brand front and center on their platforms. When your customer or debtor goes to check or make payments, they'll see your company logo.

You can now use the ingenious IntelliPay products within AdvantEdge. We at ADS are constantly integrating with data processors of all types, and we focus on forward-thinking companies. IntelliPay, like ADS, is in the cloud!

We have a dozens of 3rd party vendors already integrated, and we are thrilled to add IntelliPay to the list!


The Cloud!

AdvantEdge is now on the Azure Cloud Platform

By Dustin Colvin - May 1, 2020

The Cloud!
Accelerated Data Systems Inc. is proud to announce we have successfully migrated all our AdvantEdge customers to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure is the most advanced and secure cloud platform in the world.

The current pandemic has affected millions of people across the world. Our hearts go out to all who have felt this impact. It has also caused many issues for businesses around the world. One of the key issues is setting up employees to be able to work from home. Stay at home orders keep people from spreading the virus and can save lives. However, many companies are having trouble keeping their at home employees connected, so they can continue their work. Azure is the answer. The cloud allows you to keep your data base and work tasks easily available, from anywhere in the word. With the Azure Cloud, work goes on.

The idea of a "cloud" goes back further than most people realize. The cloud symbol was used in the 70s and 80s to represent networks of computing equipment and predated the internet itself. This method of ‘sharing’ computing power within a network was used internally by many companies through the 80s and 90s, including IBM, ATT, Apple, Microsoft and an Apple spin off. General Magic was founded by Apple legend Andy Hertzfeld and is credited with the first use of the Cloud metaphor while promoting their product, Telescript.

"The beauty of Telescript is that now, instead of just having a device to program, we now have the entire Cloud out there, where a single program can go and travel to many different sources of information and create a sort of virtual service." 
 -Andy Hertzfeld, 1994

The first official reference to cloud computing showed up in an internal document at Compaq in 1996. However, the Cloud didn't become mainstream until Amazon released its Elastic Compute Cloud platform in 2006. Google followed shortly after with it's Google App Engine, in 2008. Azure was announced in October 2008 under the code name "Project Red Dog". Microsoft Azure was released in February of 2010, originally named Windows Azure. Since then, Azure has become the top choice for cloud services among businesses worldwide, with $50,000,000,000 in annual revenue.

Like ADS's AdvantEdge software, cloud platforms have been in constant development for over 20 years. Cloud platforms will soon become the standard for all commercial and consumer computing. At ADS, we prefer to be ahead of the curve. Our team of engineers and programmers constantly research the latest and greatest in the industry, keeping ADS on the progressive Edge. The world of computing never stops advancing, and neither do we.

Keep your employees connected from home with AdvantEdge.


Cloud Infratructure

Taking advantage of New innovations to propel us into the future

By Travis Pasch - September 19, 2019

Cloud Infratructure
Here in the belly of the beast, the cloud shall free us from the trappings of mortals.