Software Solutions

Business Need

Within the collections industry, the software system chosen is one of, if not the most important, keys to the success of an organization. Other than the organization"s employees, the software solution used is the backbone and life blood. Several factors are essential for any worthwhile debt collection software, including but not limited to; user friendliness, speed, flexibility and robust functionality. AdvantEdgeTM by Accelerated Data Systems excels at increasing efficiency and profitability while providing numerous software solutions for many different types of organizations.


When evaluating a new software platform, particularly with a debt collection software solution, organization"s must look at and evaluate several PAIN points. These points include:

  1. How “user friendly" is the system? Or in other words, “how quickly can a collector learn the system and become productive with the new software."
  2. How “fast" is the system? In the collections industry, volume is one of the most important keys to success. The more calls a collector can make, statistically, the more money an organization can recover.
  3. How “flexible" is the software? Most agencies service many kinds of clients and as a result, many kinds of portfolios.
  4. How “functional" is the software? Ideally, collection software should be able to handle a number of different functions such as collections, invoicing, and accounting to name a few.


When deciding to change software platforms, it is common for organizations to be nervous about how the software will deliver on what they are hoping to achieve. The Accelerated Data Systems (ADS) team of experienced industry veteran executives (over 100 years) have developed numerous processes within the software platform to ease the worry of implementing a new solution. With the longevity of AdvantEdgeTM and the variety of markets that it has served, it can accommodate almost any business model around the world.

AdvantEdgeTM was created and developed to be as flexible as possible. When evaluating a software solution"s flexibility, it is important to understand how “customizable" it is. When a software solution is highly flexible and customizable, organizations can have the software perform in a way that conforms to their business model rather than having to adjust their business model to the software"s functionality. Once fully integrated, AdvantEdgeTM acts as though it was created specifically for that organization.

AdvantEdgeTM is not only intuitive, it is also designed to be very user friendly. It was designed and developed for anyone to use and is not overwhelmed with IT lingo. AdvantEdgeTM is easy for the new collector, manager, or executive to learn quickly. Users will be able to make calls, work the account, take a payment, and result the account within a few hours of training. As people continue to use the software and become more knowledgeable on the functionalities, the efficiency of collections will increase, along with the volume of calls, making the organization more profitable. ADS recently revised and updated AdvantEdgeTM and released major upgrades in Version 2.0.


Finding the right software solution is essential for any organization to become and stay successful over time. Whether it is becoming more efficient in collections, more accurate in accounting and bookkeeping, or more engaging with clients, AdvantEdgeTM can help accomplish these goals. Because AdvantEdgeTM can accommodate both large and small organizations in these areas, we are confident that any company who utilizes AdvantEdgeTM will see more efficiencies in their operations and more profitability leading to long-term success.