About ADS


Accelerated Data Systems® (ADS) was founded in 1992 in Englewood, Colorado.  ADS began as the “Data Processing” department for Accelerated Bureau of Collections (ABC), a premier national credit card collection agency. ABC was sold in 1997, after the company had grown to 650 collectors with 800 total employees and 9 branch offices. The Debt Collection and Billing Software system for this large agency was AdvantEdgeTM. After officially launching as its own entity in 1998, ADS has blossomed into an industry leader. ADS’ technology, superior products, expert staff, and commitment to the growth and success of our customers have made ADS one of the best collection and billing software companies in the world.

About ADS

Accelerated Data Systems (ADS) has been a leader of accounts receivable software for over twenty-five years. ADS’ software platform, AdvantEdgeTM, has been growing, along with our clients, and has set the standard for collection and accounts receivable software. ADS’ primary goal is to make their clients more successful, more profitable, and more efficient over time. This is accomplished due to AdvantEdgeTM being the most comprehensive, customizable, and economical collection software on the market.  AdvantEdgeTM is designed to increase efficiency, profitability, and ease of use.


AdvantEdgeTM, the software platform developed and by ADS, is extremely robust and is used in functions ranging from an in-depth CRM tool, to organizing government records, to a fully functioning debt buying software, to the most comprehensive accounts receivable software available.  ADS molds AdvantEdgeTM around specific business models instead of businesses forming to AdvantEdgeTM; this means companies don’t have to change their business model to switch to our software. Out of the box, there are thousands of hours of functionality within the software, which are not charged per module. AdvantEdgeTM is available in a cloud based system, however, it can also be self-hosted if the company have a SQL server in their network.

Our Team

ADS’ Executive Management team has over 100 years of debt recovery industry experience. AdvantEdgeTM and the tools it utilizes was created and developed entirely in-house with the creators still working for ADS today. ADS’ programming team has extensive experience in programming, as well as, querying of databases. These skills include, but are not limited to; Microsoft SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, .NET Framework, Visual Studio, C#, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Java, Windows Forms, Cascading Style Sheets, and XML Integration. All our programmers work directly with the client, with the assistance of a project manager, on every project.

We strive every day to stay ahead of the ever-changing technological advances and compliance requirements in the collection industry. We are confident we are the right choice for your debt collection software needs.