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AdvantEdge Toolbox

AdvantEdge Toolbox for Users

By Daniel Reinig - July 9, 2018

One of the big changes of the 2.0 release is the "Toolbox". The new Toolbox gives the client more options to perform custom inquiries for their business rules without the need for IT custom programming. This gives the client the power to wrap AdvantEdge around their business rather than having to "fit" their business into a rigid software system. Another benefit of the Toolbox is that in the event you do need some custom programming done, the IT staff at ADS can get it done quickly without having to do a whole new update of AdvantEdge. If you have IT talent on your staff, they will love our open Microsoft SQL platform that will allow changes to be made easily and effectively. However, if you do not have your own IT staff ADS would be more than happy to assist in setting up and using the new Toolbox application.